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THANK YOU to all supporters who have helped raise over $82,000 for an addition to the Rose School to educate 500 more students!

The 9th Annual S.T.E.P. BBQ was a resounding success. A sincere THANK YOU to all those who contributed time, efforts, and talent to help with this program. More than 175 Rotarians and Friends of Rotarians throughout Rotary District 7210 in the Hudson Valley participated in an evening of fun and fellowship for this most worthy cause.


Howard and Ed

district Conference 2016

Under the leadership of District Governor NIck Constantino, District 7210 completed it's international project goal of raising $82,000 for an addition to the Rose School to educate 500 more students. A huge tribute to the Wallkill East Rotary Club as it tops the goal of $82,000 with their huge contribution of $5,000 at the Rotary District 7210 Conference!

The S.T.E.P. brothers, Howard Goldin and Ed Frank, worked tirelessly and traveled endlessly making over 45 presentations within District 7210 to reach the $82,000 goal. Ed earned the 2016 District 7210 Rotarian of the Year Award!

Click here for the Hudson Valley News Network Article about Howard and Ed's journey.

The Rose School addition will educate 500 more Montagard children from 6 different ethnic tribes.  


S.T.E.P. is still raising money for:


Wheelchairs for disabled children!


Bicycles will help students travel to school easier and avoid the sex trade!


Supplies for Don Bosco Orphanage
housing disabled children!


Yearly scholarships for students! 

Including clean water projects, food, school supplies, dental and medical supplies for children!

Education will break the poverty cycle. 










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