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Our Story

In 2005, combat Vietnam Veterans and Rotarians Ed Frank and Howard Goldin returned to Vietnam to view the country we left behind 30 plus years ago. We found families living on a $1.00 a day. We saw at-risk children working the sex trade industry to survive. Our response to what we saw will be our legacy, S.T.E.P.,Schools To End Poverty.

This was then.....




Howard Goldin




   Edward J Frank        



And this in now...



 This year marks the 10th anniversary of our band of Brothers & Sisters returning to Vietnam. So much has happened in the past ten years that it would take too long to put down in this letter. Over the years, a total of 134 people have returned, some multiple times. It has and always will be a journey and we thank you for being part of our past, current and future.We have lost three of our dear friends, Larry, Jeff and Lenny. They may not be here today, but their memory lives on in so many of us and the children whose life’s they have touched. Our youngest traveler was 13 and our oldest (youngster) was 83.

Our legacy will include three buildings constructed in Viet Nam, one in Honduras, one in Jamaica and our Ghana water project. Over 989 children are educated every year because we S.T.E.P.ed out of our comfort zone. Twenty-five children get a free education each and every year because one of our travelers had an idea to start a scholarship program. We have hand carried 3 tons of supplies, as many of you are well aware of having to carry them. We still feed the Te-Phan Don Boscoe orphanage and the 62 residents count on us. We have given out over 280 wheelchairs to second and third generation of children exposed to Agent Orange and let us not forget the 60 bikes given to At Risk Children.

We are about to start our 4th project in VN, putting an addition onto the Rose School for five hundred additional Montagnards and hope to have it completed by 2016.

Education will break the poverty cycle. 







































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